The Fine Diner Bistro
One Calgary Restaurant’s Renewed Approach to Elevated Comfort Food

ElevatedComfort Food

Comfort food shouldn’t be boring or uninspired; it should have both the ability to bring back memories and create new ones. That’s why our ever-evolving menu features several original, community-inspired approaches to old favourites that will delight and satisfy.

Fine Diner Dining Room

Our ChefJoshua Hobin

Chef Hobin’s passion for fresh and imaginative food starts in the garden where both his produce and imagination thrive. For more than 15 years, his diligent, hands-on approach to cooking ensures a high-level of quality, creativity and attention to detail is applied to every culinary masterpiece he creates.

Chef Joshua Hobin

Red Seal Chef

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Coffees Served


Stop by for a delightful Rosso coffee

Bacon Slices Served


We're famous for our house made, baked, maple bacon

Duck Dishes Prepared


Our duck benny is famous! Have you tried it?

Market Fishes Fried


Halibut, Arctic Char, Tilapia, Snapper, Bass - Our Market Fish is Delicious